We understand coaching to be individual and professional consulting which requires a counselling person to possess an adequate coaching qualification, and in which, depending on the question, appropriate and different consulting methods and procedures are used.

The concerns for a consultation can be multi-faceted.

You have applied for a professorship for the first time and would like to prepare specifically for the appointment and the subsequent interview with the appointment committee.
Are you having trouble completing your PhD on time?
Are you looking for a long-term career as a scientist, but career paths to a professorship seem unclear and not very transparent?
Are you planning to quit academia, but wonder what career opportunities are available outside of science, or what you actually want?
You are starting your first professorship and would like to prepare for the managerial functions and leadership responsibilities?
Do you have difficulties working efficiently and without interruptions in the office and with structuring yourself and your work?
Do you have a permanent conflict with your supervisor?
We are happy to accompany you individually as part of a consultation process or in the form of individual trainings. Feel free to contact us with your request and your questions here. up

How and where do we work in individual consultations?

The duration and mode of operation in the context of the individual consultation can be very different depending upon personal preference. Sometimes a two-hour consultation already produces the desired knowledge or solution. Sometimes the counselling process consists of up to six to eight sessions, mostly of 2 hours. For some goals we rely on expert advice, while for certain matters it is primarily about initiating a targeted reflection process, or to train specific skills. We agree on the scope and working method with you in advance. During a detailed, free and non-binding phone call, we clarify your desires and objectives, and then discuss a possible course of action. We are committed to confidentiality and treat all information as private. We are happy to advise and support you in our offices in Düsseldorf and Leipzig. We have also had very good experiences with consultations via Skype. Often, we conduct consultations directly at the universities (usually following group seminars). up

What costs do you have to expect?

For private clients, we charge 119.00 Euro (including 19% VAT) for a consultation hour (60 min). Under certain conditions (e.g. if you are currently not working or working part-time), we offer a reduced hourly rate of 95.20 Euro (including 19% VAT). If we are commissioned by institutions and companies, we charge 135.00 Euro (excl. VAT) per consultation hour. up