We offer seminars as well as lectures in the following areas. We can also offer you a variety of our workshops in a digital format.

Career Development

Professor wanted! – Planning and optimizing your academic career

The advanced doctoral and early postdoc phase is crucial for the further course of one’s own academic career, and is torn between dependent employment and maintaining scientific independence. PhD students are confronted with numerous professional challenges and hurdles on the way to long-term scientific work: Independent publications, the acquisition of third-party funds and the implementation of independent research, the development of a teaching portfolio, participation in scientific communication and the establishment of a separate network of colleagues and cooperation partners, stays abroad … which tasks are particularly important, and at what point? What has the top priority? What is an appropriate time-frame? How and where should I even start? How important is the habilitation? During a seminar, participants will take stock to reflect upon their own current position. Building upon this, goals and important steps towards one’s own long-term career in academia are planned out. The seminar is aimed at advanced doctoral candidates and postdocs, at all levels of development. Contact | up

Should I stay or should I go? – Career paths in and outside academia

Scientists are highly qualified specialists and experts in their area. At the same time, many scientists feel that the skills and competencies acquired during and after their doctoral studies are not marketable outside the university, and that there is no alternative in industry and business. This point of view narrows the possibilities of a career both within and outside of the scientific arena. This seminar is designed to reflect on one’s own competences and to recognise one’s own ‘market value’, to learn about the options and requirements for a university career and alternative career paths outside the university and to create your own career through conviction, and not by feeling a lack of perspective. Contact | up

Time to say goodbye! - Leaving academia

In recent years, the number of young scientists has increased significantly, but the number of permanent positions and professorships is stagnating. At some point in their careers, some scientists realize that their passion for research and teaching has diminished. Only a minority of researchers achieve a long-term career in the scientific arena. By contrast, the vast majority at some point are confronted with questions such as: Am I suitable for jobs outside academia? How do I find suitable jobs? Do I have any skills and experiences that make me interesting for the free market? Is there an career path outside academia that I really would like to pursue? In this seminar, strategies and individually tailored perspectives are developed for a successful transition from academia, into professional opportunities beyond the academic ivory tower. Contact | up

Job application

First audition? – applying for professorship

Anyone seeking a lasting career in science sooner or later finds herself or himself before what could subjectively be considered the biggest hurdle of a scientific career: The application for a professorship. In this seminar, we will deal with your written application documents as well as content and strategic considerations for the application presentation, teaching demonstration and board discussion. We will discuss various aspects of the selection procedure, such as classic or critical questions during the interview with the committee, possible pitfalls during the lecture and the teaching test, but also ambivalent interests of the appointment committee. In addition, we will train you on your successful self-presentation, as well as how to highlight your specific qualifications during the various phases of the appointment process. Contact | up

Postdoc wanted! – Applying for postdoc positions

What prospects do I have as a postdoc in science? Should I primarily apply for vacant positions or seek a scholarship abroad? What are the prospects following graduation? Which key qualifications from my doctoral studies are particularly important when applying for postdoc positions? What is included in the application documents and how should I design my CV and cover letter? How should I present myself for the job interview or the application presentation? How relevant is my dissertation topic? During this seminar, perspectives will be developed, and tips and tricks will be imparted for successful applications after graduation. Contact | up


Attention please! – Presenting successfully at conferences and in other scientific contexts

Research results depend on successful communication, and formats such as lectures or poster contributions are the calling cards of every researcher. Not only does the research have to be on point, it must also be presented and marketed in a proper manner. Even the most exciting questions and insights can make an audience yawn if the presentation fails. In this seminar we will demonstrate and test techniques and strategies on how to present yourself and your own work authentically, beyond conventional methods implemented in lectures, posters and technical discussions. Contact | up

Where have all the hours gone? – How to organize your working life in academia

Scientists must structure their daily work with the highest degree of independence and initiatve, right from the outset of their careers. Individual work steps typically take a long time and are complex - an article is not written on a single day, and reports need to be revised carefully. Control by, for example, supervisors, is often only executed when too late. At the same time the distractions (E.g., short-term interruptions of colleagues and students, or short escapes to Google and YouTube) are common in day-to-day business. In this seminar you will learn how to structure and control your time, yourself, your motivation and your work processes. Particular attention is paid to the peculiarities of everyday scientific life. In this seminar, the topic of work/life balance can be integrated very well. Contact | up

In addition to this core repertoire, we also gladly offer further seminar topics tailored to the needs of our customers. Please contact us with your ideas and wishes here.