Coaching is a psychological form of consulting that supports you in finding solutions for professional and personal challenges. For this purpose, we use consulting and intervention methods from different psychological disciplines that have proven effective both scientifically and in practice.

With which concerns do clients come to us for coaching?

In our professional lives, we are repeatedly confronted with challenges. Often, we find solutions on our own to deal with these challenges. Sometimes, however, we do not succeed and we feel dissatisfied, helpless or insecure. In some cases, we simply want professional support, a new perspective or the opportunity to reflect. Clients come to us with a variety of concerns, including but not limited to the following:

I am having trouble completing my PhD on time and coping with the pressure.
I don’t feel confident and I often feel insecure.
I am starting my first professorship and would like to prepare for the managerial functions and leadership responsibilities.
I have difficulties working efficiently and without interruptions in the office and with structuring myself and my work.
I have a permanent conflict with my supervisor.
I have difficulties regarding my work-life-balance.
I have difficulties making up my mind: Do I want to keep pursuing an academic career or do I want to do something completely different? up

How and where do we work in coaching?

At the beginning of each coaching process, we emphasize a differentiated clarification of goals, as coaching goals often do not automatically result from the reason that led to take up coaching. This is comparable to planning a journey: The feeling ‘I strongly need a change of scene’ does not identify a specific country or place you wish to visit.

When the goals are set, we clarify what you need from the coaching process with regard to reaching these goals. To support you in achieving your goals, we use various techniques and methods, such as perspective changes, visualizations, questioning techniques, simulations, exercises between sessions, knowledge input and expert advice.

The duration and approach of a coaching process can be very different – depending on the specific concerns and goals. Sometimes a two-hour consultation already brings the desired insight or solution. Sometimes the coaching process comprises six to eight sessions, usually lasting two hours. We agree on the scope and approach in advance. In a detailed and free telephone conversation we clarify your wishes and objectives and then discuss a possible approach together. In coaching we treat all details and information from you confidentially. We are happy to advise and support you in our offices in Düsseldorf (Cécile Schain) and Leipzig (Dieta Kuchenbrandt). We have also had very good experiences with coachings via Zoom. up

What costs do you have to expect?

For private clients, we charge 119.00 Euro (including 19% VAT) for a consultation hour (60 min). Under certain conditions (e.g., if you are currently not working or working part-time), we offer a reduced hourly rate of 95.20 Euro (including 19% VAT). If we are commissioned by institutions and companies, we charge 135.00 Euro (excl. VAT) per consultation hour. up

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