Application Consulting

In the context of consultations regarding applications, we have two work priorities: preparation and support for professorship applications and an examination of application documents for applications within and outside science. All documents and information are of course handled confidentially.

preparation and support for professorship applications

We assist you first of all in creating of your application documents. This involves joint analysis and optimization of your CV, your cover letter as well as your research and teaching concepts – particularly in reference to the specific requirements stated in the job advertisement and the denomination of the professorship. Our past experience indicates that the analysis and consultation process usually takes between two and four hours to complete. Secondly, we prepare you for the hearing. In this case we advise you first of all regarding possible priorities, pitfalls and handling strengths and weaknesses in your profile. We offer a joint analysis of and detailed feedback about your scientific presentation and demonstration lecture. We simulate the interview with the committee and support you in optimizing your self-presentation. This process usually takes three up to five hours. up

examination of application documents

We advise you in the production of your application documents for scientific positions (e.g.,for a postdoc position) as well as non-academic positions. Typically you send us the job advertisement and your application documents (most importantly CV, cover letter, certificates and references). We analyse your documents and subsequently look through the application together with you in order to jointly identify opportunities for optimization. The time spent for this analysis and consultation process usually takes between two to three hours. up

What costs do you have to expect?

For one consultation hour (60 min) we charge 100,00 Euro (plus 19% VAT). Under certain circumstances (e.g., if you are not employed or have a part-time job) we offer a discount rate of 80,00 Euro for a consultation hour (plus 19% VAT).up