Coaching, Consulting und Individual Trainings

We consider coaching to be an individual and professional consultation effort which requires well-founded training in coaching on the part of the consultant, and in which various methods and procedures are implemented as determined by the topic and goal of the coaching process.

Goals and issues for coaching can be very different.

You have applied for a professorship for the first time and would like to prepare yourself specifically for the scientific presentation as well as the subsequent interview with the committee?
Are you having difficulties in meeting the deadline for completion of your PhD?
You are seeking a long-term career as a scientist, but the career ladder to a professorship seems to be vague and insufficiently transparent?
You are planning to exit the scientific sector, but are not sure what career possibilities await you outside academia, or what you actually want?
You are now entering your first professorship and would like to prepare yourself for the corresponding supervisory responsibilities?
You are having difficulties in working efficiently and without distraction in your office and in structuring yourself and your work?
You are involved in an on-going conflict with your supervisor?
We’ll accompany you individually in the context of a consultation process or in the form of individual training sessions. Contact us with your concerns and your questions here. up

How and where do we work in individual consultations?

The duration and working approach in the context of individual consultations can vary considerably depending on the issues at hand. Sometimes a two-hour consultation can result in the desired insights or solutions. Sometimes the consultation process comprises six to eight two-hour meetings. For some objectives we use expert advice, while for other concerns the primary goal is to generate a reflection process or to practice specific skills. In any case, we work out together with you in advance the scope of activity and mode of operation. In the context of a thorough, free-of-cost and non-binding telephone conversation, we clarify your desires and objectives and then discuss a possible procedural scheme together. We are obligated to confidentiality and handle all of your information as private. We advise and support you in our offices in Düsseldorf and Leipzig. We have also experienced good results from consultations via Skype. Furthermore, we frequently conduct our consultations on the premises of universities (typically after group seminars). up

What costs do you have to expect?

For one consultation hour (60 min) we charge 100,00 Euro (plus 19% VAT). Under certain circumstances (e.g., if you are not employed or have a part-time job) we offer a discount rate of 80,00 Euro for a consultation hour (plus 19% VAT). up