Approach to Work

Our approach in seminars and training sessions is characterised by the following basic principles and features:

Individual orientation to the participants

We work on the basis of online preparation surveys, in order to be able to take into consideration, early on, the individual needs and backgrounds of our seminar participants. up


When selecting both teaching methods and topics, it is important to us that the participants can process and test the learned contents on the basis of individual examples and backgrounds, in order to facilitate the transfer into the individual work routine. Furthermore, process support is offered in all seminars: individual assignments are arranged with the participants (when requested) and followed-up in a subsequent individual contact via email a few weeks later. up

evidence-based approach

Teaching content is – wherever possible – compared to and corroborated by empirical scientific findings. up


In addition to the input provided by the instructor in the form of short lectures, diverse teaching and training methods are applied. Depending on the topical area, this comprises, among other things, the implementation of standardised questionnaires, the use of worksheets for self-exploration, work on the individual CV, brainstorming, partner and group work, simulations, critical incidents techniques, discussions, video feedback, peer feedback as well as short presentations given by the participants. up

gender-sensitive language

In our seminars, attention is paid to gender-appropriate language. Gender aspects of the resepctive topics will be analysed, demonstrated and discussed when suitable. up

quality-management and transparency

In order to continuously optimize the seminars, all seminars are evaluated by us using a standardized evaluation instrument. We are aware that, for you as a client, a certain level of risk is involved in placing your trust in the hands of trainers whose efforts and/or services you have previously never experienced first-hand. In order to minimize this risk for you, the transparency and quality inherent in our work are quite important to us. Therefore, you can view all of the results from our seminar evaluations here. up


We offer our seminars in both German and English. up