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Dr. Dieta Kuchenbrandt, Diploma in Psychology (equivalent to a Master's degree)

about me

I like self-determined work, having a specific goal in mind and a clear cut between work and free time. I passionately support scientists in their application process for professorship posts and other positions within and outside academia, in the optimization of scientists' career planning, in identifying non-university career options, in the development of efficient working routines as well as in the handling of conflict-ridden relationships within scientific institutions. With schainundkuchenbrandt, I offer nationwide seminars, workshops and lectures for universities, graduated schools, mentoring programmes, non-university research institutes and other institutions. Furthermore, I work together with scientists in the context of individual consultations and training sessions.

Professional career

since 05/2013
Consultant, trainer & coach for scientists with schainundkuchenbrandt
04/2007 – 07/2015
Teaching activities at the universities of Greifswald, Bielefeld and Osnabrück
05/2010 – 01/2015
Research and teaching fellow, University of Bielefeld, Cognitive Interaction Technology Center of Excellence, Germany
04/2013 – 09/2013
Interim professor, Social Psychology, University of Osnabrück, Germany
09/2009 – 04/2010
Research assistant, University of Greifswald, Germany
08/2006 – 07/2009
PhD scholarship, University of Greifswald, Germany

Academic education

09/2013 - 01/2016
Advanced education: Management consulting & coaching (German Academy of Psychology)
PhD in Psychology, University of Greifswald, Germany
01/2009 – 04/2009
Visiting researcher, Aston University Birmingham (UK), Aston Business School
10/2000 – 04/2006
Undergraduate and graduate studies in Psychology, diploma, University of Greifswald, Germany

Selected publications

Kuchenbrandt, D., Häring, M., Eichberg, J., Eyssel, F. & André, E. (2014). Keep an eye on the task! Effects of task characteristics on human-robot interactions. International Journal of Social Robotics, 6, 417-427.

Kuchenbrandt, D., van Dick, R., Koschate, M., Ullrich, J. & Bornewasser, M. (2014). More than music! A longitudinal test of German-Polish music encounters. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 40, 167-174.

Kuchenbrandt, D., Eyssel, F., Bobinger, S. & Neufeld, M. (2013). When a robot's group membership matters: Anthropomorphization of robots as a function of social categorization. International Journal of Social Robotics, 5, 409-417.

Kuchenbrandt, D., Eyssel, F. & Seidel, S. (2013). Cooperation makes it happen: Imagined intergroup cooperation enhances the positive effects of imagined contact. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, 16, 635-647.

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